SCA Middle School Student Assistance Program

Being a teenager can be stressful at times. Sometimes the many changes and pressures you face can be overwhelming.
The middle school SAP team is here to help!


SAP is a group of teachers and other school staff who are here to help you deal with problems that are stopping you from doing well in school or that are stressing you out.   SAP is also CONFIDENTIAL and it is NOT DISCIPLINARY.


Anyone can refer someone for help. You can even ask for help yourself or for a friend.  Teachers and other school staff who are worried about someone can refer them too.


If you are worried about a friend or yourself who:

-Uses drugs or alcohol                       -Threatens to run away                        -Has eating problems                          -Seems seriously worried

-Threatens to hurt self or others        -Is always angry or crying                    -Is being bullied or harassed               -Doesn’t feel like hanging out with anyone

-Dealing with a break up                   -Dealing with major family changes      -Dealing with the death or illness of someone close


1. Complete the online SCA SAP referral form, which is linked directly to the bottom of this webpage.

2. Complete the SCA SAP referral form and drop it off in any of the referral boxes, which are located  in the office, outside of Mr. Kelchner’s room and outside Mr. Roth’s room.  You can also give a completed form to any SAP team member.  Referral forms are available in the main office, guidance office, through an SAP team member, or can be downloaded from this webpage.

3. Talk with any of the SAP team members that are listed below.

Middle School Team Members

Brandon Traugh, principal

Jessica Walters, guidance counselor

Erin Stabler, social worker

Alexis Spade, nurse

Shawnee Robel, nurse

Dave Kaseman, 6th grade teacher

Kelly Konyar, special education teacher

SAP Student Brochure

SAP Referral Form

SAP Student Referral

Southern Columbia Middle School Students of the Month

Any student who exhibits exemplary behavior/achievements in any aspect of school life will be a candidate for student of the month. Final selection will be determined by a vote of the grade level teachers. Teachers and classmates may nominate students for student of the month recognition.

Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade

Student Resources

Connected Math (CMP3) for Students & Parents
Learn all about CMP3! This site has a collection of CMP3 resources, videos, games, and tools to learn and improve your math skills, for both on and off campus! It is a good place for parents to learn more, or seek assistance to support students in CMP3.
19-20 MS Course Description Book

Student Supplies

The middle school has posted the following Supplies Lists for students when they return to school on August 30, 2021.  All supplies should be labeled with the student’s name.  As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Grade 5 Supply List

Grade 6 Supply List

Grade 8 Supply List