SCA Middle School Student Assistance Program

For over 25 years, the Student Assistance Program has worked in Pennsylvania to identify and support students who are experiencing behavior and/ or academic difficulties that pose a barrier to their learning and success in school. In some situations, we are the first line of support for students dealing with any family, drug & alcohol, sadness, peer drama, or bullying issues.  We support students in school, but we also connect students and families to outside resources to help them navigate some of life’s most tumultuous storms. 

We take our roles in student’s lives very seriously.  We are more than just teachers, administrators, and school personnel… we are mentors, examples, and another shoulder to lean on. We are the Student Assistance Program, and we are here to help!

The Southern Columbia Area Middle School recognizes that students are subject to a variety of internal and external pressures. The mission of our Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to identify at-risk students through referrals and intervene in an effort to promote achievement and academic success. We seek to promote healthy, safe, and substance free lifestyles by connecting these students and their families with appropriate school based and/or community resources.


THE PROGRAM (How it Works):

If a parent, fellow student, faculty member, community person, or the student himself has a concern, a referral can be made by one of three ways:

     1) The online SCA SAP referral form, which is linked directly to this webpage.

     2) A SAP referral form can be filled out and dropped off in the referral boxes located in the middle office.   Referral forms are available in the main office, guidance counselor’s office, through any SAP team member, or it can be downloaded from this webpage.

     3) Referrals can be made in person by discussing questions and concerns with any of the SAP team members listed below.

All referrals will be handled confidentially. When a referral is made, parental permission is needed to continue with the SAP process. Once a referral is made, the team will collect data to aid in the identification of a potential problem. Based upon the results of the fact-finding, the team will then make a decision regarding the interventions needed. It is also possible that the SAP Team feels no action is necessary in a particular case.


The Student Assistance Team is comprised of a group of trained teachers, counselors, nurses, and administrators who strive to provide support to students.  The overall purpose of the team is to assist students and families  It is dedicated to helping students recognize potential dangers and to provide optionsfor change and/or recovery. We believe in the right of the individual and his family to decide on their personal course of action. The team has successfully accomplished their mission when a student and his family have an awareness of a problem and recommendations have been given to assist the family to resolve the problem. The decision to seek that assistance rests with the student and his or her family.      

Middle School Team Members

Angela Farronato, principal

Jessica Walters, guidance counselor

Jill Zanoline, social worker

Alexis Spade, nurse

Lisa Fleishauer, nurse

Jessica Visnosky, 5th grade teacher

Tiffany Bloom, 6th grade teacher

Dave Kaseman, 6th grade teacher

Nick Bender, 8th grade teacher

Amy Phillips, special education teacher