Elementary School Guidance Counselor (Grades K-4)

Mr. Eric Deeter, 356-3254| edeeter@scasd.us

Developmental Guidance Lessons have become an integral part of the Responsive Classroom model used at G.C. Hartman. Mr. Deeter implements classroom lessons at all grade levels. The use of interactive exercises, videos, and other activities enliven the program. Topics discussed include social skills (manners, appropriate classroom behavior, etc.), feelings awareness and empathy, anger management, conflict resolution, and responsibility.

Individual Short-Term Counseling may be requested by a parent, teacher, or the student him/herself. Short-term, individual 20-30 minute sessions will be conducted. Usually, no more than 3 or 4 sessions will be held to address the given issues. If the identified needs show little or no improvement, a referral for out-of-school counseling may be suggested to the parent.

Consultation: Mr. Deeter is the consultant to outside agencies such as WrapAround services, physicians, and other counselors or therapists. Should communication be necessary between school and one of these agencies, you will asked to sign a Permission to Release Information form. If you are aware of this need, please give notice at least a few days prior to your child’s appointment.

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