Our Educational Philosophy

The professional personnel of the G.C. Hartman Elementary Center are primarily interested in combining developmental theories with effective classroom techniques to educate the whole child. The school personnel strive to maximize the cognitive, personal, social, physical, and affective development of each student. Numerous support services are provided to meet individual needs.

Teachers are directors of the leaning environment and provide stimulating learning experiences for the instruction of each student. The curriculum is organized as a continuum. Skills selected from a stated curriculum are taught through systematic group activities utilizing programs supplemented with teacher prepared units and group projects. Being cognizant that learning of true value is more than an accumulation of facts, teachers conscientiously strive to promote critical thinking and creativity. Flexibility is exercised in an effort to combine group instruction with individual teaching as interests and needs of the student become apparent. The relationship among teachers is mutually supportive. By operating as a team, professionals are able to capitalize on their individual strengths to meet the changing needs of our students and school environment. These efforts are augmented further by professional development opportunities and activities. Teachers encourage close cooperation with parents, and regularly inform them of the progress of the students.

The instructional staff, support and resource personnel, and administration work as a team in collecting and examining information and in recommending procedures to provide each student the opportunity to become a successful, responsible citizen. Personal development of the student is directed toward establishing independence, responsibility, and self-discipline. Respecting the rights of others and accepting the obligations of citizenship in a democratic society are values encouraged by personnel of G.C. Hartman Elementary Center. To this end, members of the faculty strive to provide instructional objectives whereby each student develops self-esteem and finds personal meaning and relevance to life outside the classroom.