Southern Columbia Area High School has a Student Assistance Program (SAP) for students in grades 9 – 12 whose focus is to remove barrier’s to students learning.  Our SAP team is made up of school and community agency staff, including:

Mr. William Callahan – High School Principal (3451)

Mr. Tom Donlan – High School Counselor (3464)

Mrs. Jenna Sellers – High School Counselor (3458)

Mrs. Alexis Spade – Nurse (3462)

Mrs. Shawnee Robel – Nurse (3462)

Ms. Paula Gardner – School Psychologist (3511)

Mrs. Claire Campbell – Physical Education Teacher (3461)

Mr. Ted Deljanovan – Physical Education Teacher (3455)

Mrs. Dani Schwalm – Special Education Teacher (3469)

Mrs. Amy Phillips – Special Education Teacher (3473)

Mrs. Jennifer Snyder – Director of Special Education (3510)

Ms. Sarah Dobeck – Prevention Specialist (356-6208)

Mr. Clay Fahringer – School Resource Officer (356-7402)




What if my student is in elementary or middle school?

Southern Columbia now has an elementary and middle school SAP program!  For more information, please call Jessica Walters, middle school guidance counselor, at (570) 356-3402.  If your student is in the elementary school, please contact Eric Deeter, elementary guidance counselor, at (570) 356-3254.


How does my child become involved in the program?

Students come to the SAP team in different ways.  Anyone can refer a student to the SAP team.  Some students are referred by teachers and other school personnel.  Any school staff member, a student’s friend or family member can let the SAP team know that they are worried about someone.  Students themselves can even go directly to the SAP team to ask for help.


What is the SAP process?

Once we receive a referral on a student, we ask his or her teachers to report any observable data that they see in their classroom.  Examples of this range from “performance slipping”, “frequent attempts to get excused from class”, “change in friends”, and “change in appearance”.  If the team feels that the student is exhibiting behavior that is causing a barrier to learning, a permission form and parent observation sheet will be sent home to the parents / guardians.  The SAP process does not go any further without parent and student permission.  This means that if either the parent or the student refuses, the SAP team cannot go any further.


What does the SAP team do for my student?

We can help you and your family to find services and assistance within the school and, if needed, in the community.  We do not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment.  Rather, we will provide you with information; you make the choices.  Remember, you are part of our team.  Our goal is to help your child succeed in school and in life.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call 356-3450 and ask for any of the SAP team members listed above.