K Reading/English 1st Reading/English 2nd Reading/English 3rd Reading/English 4th Reading/English
K Mathematics 1st Mathematics 2nd Mathematics 3rd Mathematics 4th Mathematics
K Science 1st Science 2nd Science 3rd Science 4th Science
K Social Studies 1st Social Studies 2nd Social Studies 3rd Social Studies 4th Social Studies
K Art 1st Art 2nd Art 3rd Art 4th Art
K Library/Media 1st Library/Media 2nd Library/Media 3rd Library/Media 4th Library/Media
K Music 1st Music 2nd Music 3rd Music 4th Music
K Physical Education 1st Physical Education 2nd Physical Education 3rd Physical Education 4th Physical Education



5th Reading/English 6th Reading/English 7th Reading/English 8th Reading/English
5th Mathematics 6th Mathematics 7th Mathematics Pre-Algebra
5th Science 6th Science 7th Science Algebra I
5th Social Studies 6th Social Studies 7th Geography 8th Science
5th Art 6th Art 7th Physical Education 8th Social Studies
5th Music 6th Music 7th Technology/Computers 8th Art
5th Physical Education 6th Physical Education 7th Family Consumer Science 8th Music
5th Technoloy/Computers 6th Technology/Computers 7th Exploring Technology 8th Physical Education
    7th Foreign Language 8th Technology/Computers
  8th Applied Technology
8th School Publications



ELA-English/Language Arts Mathematics Sciences History
English  9     Foundations of Mathematics  Introduction to Biology (.5 cr.) American History  9
English  9 Honors Applied Algebra Physical Science (.5 cr.) American History  10
English  10 Algebra I Ecology World History 11
English 10 Honors Geometry Biology European History
English 11 Honors Geometry Biology  AP European History AP
English 11 Honors Algebra II  Anatomy & Physiology P.O.D. 12  – Problems of Democracy
Journalism Yearbook Algebra II  Honors Anatomy & Physiology Honors Health and P.E.
Speech Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Chemistry Physical Education 9
English 12 Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Honors Chemistry AP Health 11
English AP 12 Calculus  Physics Strength Training 10 (.33 cr.)
Business Education Calculus II Honors Physics AP Strength Training
Introduction To Business Statistics Art Education Family Consumer Science
 Accounting I Calculus AB AP Foundations of Art Cooking On Your Own
Accounting II Foreign Languages 2-Dimensional Art Smart Living
Business Law Spanish I 3-Dimensional Art International Foods & Desserts
Marketing & Management Spanish II Senior Studio Art Parenting & Child Development
Multimedia Spanish III Technology Education Relationships
Digital Design Spanish IV Technology Education  9 (1 cr.) Music Education
Web Page Design French I  Technology Education  10  (1 cr.) Music Appreciation
Computer Hardware & Forensics French II Technology Education  11 (1 credit) Beginning Guitar/Piano
TV Production-Intro To Digital Video   Technology Education  11 (2 credits) Guitar/Piano II
Computer Programming I   Technology Education  12  (1 & 2 credit) Instrumental Program (1 credit)
Computer Programming II Drafting/CADD  Year 1 Senior Chorus (.5 credit)
Computer Programming III Drafting/CADD  Year 2 Senior Chorus (1 credit)
Drafting/CADD  Year 3 Musical Production
Drafting/CADD  Year 4