Food Services: The purpose of Southern Columbia Area School District’s Food Service Program is to prepare and serve nutritious and appealing meals that meet the dietary guidelines to students, staff, and community. Each year the Food Service Team provides over 200,000 breakfast and lunch meals to students in the Elementary Center and Middle/High School. We participate in the National School Lunch Program and strive to provide quality food at reasonable prices. Beginning in March 2001, elementary parents were able to prepay for their child’s meals through an electronic point-of-sale system providing faster checkout at lunchtime and ensuring complete confidentiality for those students on free and reduced lunch programs. The same system for the secondary building came on line in March 2003.

Guidance Services: The primary role of counselors at Southern Columbia Area School is to help students be academically successful. In an effort to support this mission, this website has been designed to provide information to students, parents, teachers, counselors, and the general public.

Health and Wellness Program

Library Services: Please visit often to get the latest news and information on what is happening in the Library/Media Center.

Maintenance/Facilities: The Custodial and Maintenance Departments of Southern Columbia Area School District provide and maintain a physical environment that is conducive to learning. The Facilities Team maintains the G.C. Hartman Elementary Center, the Southern Columbia Middle/High School, Tiger Stadium, the Transportation Garage, Sewage Treatment Plant and numerous practice and play fields on 110 acres in Franklin Township, Columbia County.

Transportation: Southern Columbia Area provides safe and efficient transportation for all the students in the District. Including parochial schools in surrounding districts. The fleet of 34 school buses, 4 mini-buses and 9 vans logs over 400,000 miles each school year.