Each year during the first week of March, students across the country celebrate the joy of reading during Read Across America week. To celebrate this year, 5th grade students worked on their reading fluency by reading aloud to their animal friends, recording their experience on FlipGrid. Fluency is an essential pillar of reading, directly effecting comprehension. Reading aloud repeatedly is one way to help readers build their fluency and confidence. However, reading aloud can often be an intimidating task as readers fear being judged or ridiculed by their peers. By reading to a live or stuffed animal, students are free to read without that fear.

In addition to practicing this skill, students were introduced to the upcoming summer reading theme:  Tails to Tales. Our Read Across America celebration connects to the summer reading theme in hopes of creating a seamless transition for students visiting public libraries over the summer months. By continuing to read and learn throughout summer, students are less likely to experience the “summer slide,” where they lose academic skills while school is not in session. Research has shown that kids that continue to read and learn over the summer are more “ready to learn” when school resumes in the fall. Whether reading books from home or the library, it is imperative for students to keep reading. By doing so they will not only develop their skills but a love of reading!

We hope you enjoy the 5th grade Tales to Tails!  Click HERE to watch the video.