Dear G.C. Hartman Elementary Families,

     It is hard to believe that we are over halfway through the school year.  Hopefully, spring is right around the corner and we will be able to open our windows and breathe some fresh, warm air.  Better yet, it will be great for our children to be able to go outside for some fresh air and exercise. Can you believe that during this upcoming month, we will be celebrating the 100th Day of School? It doesn’t seem possible that we have already passed through that many days and are already more than halfway through the school year. I am sure if you looked back on what the first 100 days have added to your child’s learning experience, you would be able to name things like:

·       My child has learned to read!

·       My child has mastered their addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts.

·       My child has made some great new friends!

·       My child has navigated some challenging social situations.

·       My kindergartener knows how to count to 100 in many different ways!

·       My child has learned more about reading non-fiction text selections.

·       My kindergartener and first grader has mastered many sight words.

·       My child has had fun in school!

     What would you add to this list? Ask your child what their favorite new thing to learn has been this year so far. The most important idea about all of these learning accomplishments is that they couldn’t have happened in isolation in each individual classroom, but took the collaboration of teachers, support staff, parents, and your children. The learning that goes on each and every day in school is, and should be, a collaborative effort. The more teamwork that occurs, the better off our children will be. We appreciate you collaborating with us along your child’s educational journey!  Thank you for your support!

     Although we have had a great first half of school this year, I feel that we can make the second half even better. With our partnership with you we know that our children perform much better at school. Here are some tips for how to assist your child at home with learning the basic skills needed for success in reading, writing and math.

·       Have your child read or be read to at home at least 20 minutes a day. Having your child practice reading out loud will assist with their fluency. 

·       Vary the text your child reads using chapter books, news articles, and other interesting texts to increase your child’s engagement.

·       After reading, ask your child questions about what he/she has read.

·       Have your children practice counting. Play games with your child that encourages them to count out objects. 

·       Our younger grade leveled children should practice and master their addition and subtraction facts.  Once they are mastered have them practice and memorize their multiplication and division facts. Flash cards and games online can be a good way to build math fluency. We want all children to know these facts automatically. 

·       Another great way to help our children is to create fun opportunities for them to write.

     I am sure that the list of accomplishments already attained by your children will continue to grow as we move through February and throughout the second half of the school year. Please know that the staff is always available to answer your questions, assist in whatever ways we can, and to support your children.

     Let’s continue to work together to make it a great month for our children!                 

                                                                                                                                                  Let's have a grrrrr-eat school year and Go Tigers!

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Mr. Fetterman