Name Position Buildings Phone
Phillips, Amy Marie 7th Grade Teacher S.C.A. Middle School (570) 356-3878
Rhodes, Yvonne 2nd Grade Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3295
Robel, Shawnee High School Nurse S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3462
Roberts, John Technical Support Specialist District-Wide (570) 356-3588
Robinson, Linda Spanish Teacher S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3492
Rodriguez, Kay Kindergarten Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3282
Roth, Jim Athletic Director District-Wide (570) 356-3460
Roth, Steven 7th Grade Science S.C.A. Middle School (570) 356-3407
Roughton, Leanne High School English S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3486
Schu, Kimberly 1st Grade Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3292
Schwalm, Dani Itinerant LS S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3469
Scicchitano, Cathy Middle School Student Support S.C.A. Middle School (570) 356-3498
Sellers, Jenna Guidance S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3458
Serafini, Holly 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher S.C.A. Middle School (570) 356-3628
Sharrow, Polly Kindergarten Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3281
Shively, Lori Computer Science Teacher S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3494
Singley, Jessie Kindergarten Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3283
Snyder, Jennifer Director of Special Education District-Wide (570) 356-2510
Spade, Alexis Nurse (EC/MS/HS) District-Wide (570) 356-3253
Spotts, Erin 3rd Grade Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3276
Spotts, Kim Payroll/Benefits District-Wide (570) 356-3504
Springer, Susan 2nd Grade Teacher G.C. Hartman Elementary (570) 356-3299
Stine, Jennifer Mathematics Teacher S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3471
Stone, Letha Music Teacher S.C.A. High School (570) 356-3478
Stone, Letha Music Teacher S.C.A. Middle School (570) 356-3478

Special Features

An anonymous way for you to submit a tip to your school is now available. You do not need to share your name, phone number or anything unless you want to.  You can submit a tip three ways: online, by making a phone call, or by using the Safe2Say Something App. What types of things should you report? If it makes you uncomfortable, submit a tip.Learn More

Parents and other school community members are encouraged to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly those concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools, by participating in the Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow.  The annual national research project gives education stakeholders the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard not only at Southern Columbia, but at the state and national level as findings are summarized aLearn More