On May 30th, the Class of 2018, celebrated the pending close of their senior year by joining together in a student-organized Baccauleureate service, followed later that evening at the District's Annual Awards program which recognizes outstanding student achievement. Over 80 awards were presented to seniors and underclassmen for successes related to academics, civic engagement, and athletics. Sponsored by private individuals in honor of loved ones, alumni groups, public and community service organizations, local businesses, and school-related organizations, the monetary value of the awards exceeded $62,000, with most garnered by members of the Class of 2018. Many thanks are extended to the generous sponsors of these awards as well as to the community representatives who participated in the evening's celebrations. Last, but not least, congratulations to our student honorees on their much-deserved recognition!
               2018 award recipients gather for a group picture.

Special Features

An anonymous way for you to submit a tip to your school is now available. You do not need to share your name, phone number or anything unless you want to.  You can submit a tip three ways: online, by making a phone call, or by using the Safe2Say Something App. What types of things should you report? If it makes you uncomfortable, submit a tip.Learn More

Parents and other school community members are encouraged to share their viewpoints about key educational issues, particularly those concerning digital learning and the use of technology to support future ready schools, by participating in the Speak Up Project for Digital Learning, facilitated by Project Tomorrow.  The annual national research project gives education stakeholders the opportunity to ensure their voice is heard not only at Southern Columbia, but at the state and national level as findings are summarized aLearn More