Twenty-five Southern Columbia alumni returned to their alma mater on Friday, November 30th to participate in the Second Annual Alumni Career Day organized by the Southern Columbia Community Foundation. Representing a variety of careers, the alumni met with freshmen, sophomore and junior students in a career fair format held in the Nesbitt Gymnasium. The three grade levels were allotted 50 minutes apiece to visit with the alumni, allowing each student to seek out and meet with alumni who work in fields of interest to them. After the career fair, the alumni embarked to Ponduce Banquet Hall where they met with the senior students in a business lunch setting. Each alumnus engaged small groups of students in career-related discussions while enjoying a four-course meal sponsored by BSI Corporate Benefits, LLC of Bethlehem. Josh Maciejewski, co-founder and COO of Function of Beauty, served as the luncheon's keynote speaker. The 2003 graduate shared anecdotes and insights that led to the career successes he has realized, encouraging students to not let fear of failure or self-doubt get in their way of future pursuits. Alumni Career Day has proven to be an effective and popular way for students to gain exposure to different careers. We are very thankful to our alumni presenters and appreciate their willingness to share their experience and expertise with our students! 
In the photo to the right, freshmen students interview Brian Knoebel, President of Knoebels Amusement Resort, gaining insights into entrepreneurship and business management.
Pictured above are the alumni who participated in this year's Alumni Career Day. Front row: Sarah Hale, Sarah Yeager, Stephanie Bittner, Brianna Maciejewski, Destiny Yeager, Allison Hirsch, Katie Springer, Mary Frances Helwig, Janelle Neidig. Row 2: Brian Knoebel, Tony Chiavaroli, Charles Wertman, Tim Vought, Jim Levan, Josh Maciejewski, Ron Walters, Foundation Volunteer Executive Director Mike Yeager. Back Row: Clay Yeager, Rich Roberts, Aaron Farnsworth, Charles Wertman, Zach Long, Robert Medon, Brett Keller, Dylan Swank, Corey Bittner, Josh Hoagland. Thank you!

Special Features

Southern Columbia is engaged in a yearlong initiative to Soar into Space in hopes of being chosen as a downlink site for a live feed emanating from the International Space Station. If chosen, students and staff will be afforeded the unique opportunity to speak with the astronauts currently on the space station sometime in spring 2020. To help the District's application stand out among the rest, Literacy Specialist Lindy Novak and Library Manager Amanda Noblit, have created a set activities and events.Learn More

The Take 5 to Save Lives program outlines 5 things that we can all do to work together to prevent suicide.The campaign encourages everyone to take five minutes out of their day to complete five prevention-focused action steps: 1. Learn the Signs: Take a few minutes to learn the warning signs of suicide. 2. Know How to Help- Know what to say and do if someone you know is struggling.3. Practice Self-Care- MLearn More